John Keane & Sons ltd. provide several premium services to our customers. Our fencing solutions include: quality chain-link, mesh panel, palisade, post and panel and temporary fencing to suit any number of boundary or security issues.

When our experienced team survey your job, we will provide a fence for its role and install it quickly and efficiently to this highest of standards. Our Palisade fencing is also customisable allowing for a galvanised or pvc coated finish along with a spiked or rounded top; heights from 1.2m to 2.4m available.

Whether you’re simply fencing off a garden, reducing the threat of theft or intrusion on a property or erecting an anti-vandalism perimeter in an industrial estate, John Keane and Sons ltd. provide it all, from initial quotes to finishing the job.

Along with our highly effective security perimeter fencing we also supply extra security through Razorwire; this can be supplied directly to a customer or fitted on site by our installation team.

We also stock a wide range of gates including: Palisade Vehicle and Pedestrian, Double Leaf Swing, Sliding and Domestic gates to suit any business or home owner’s requirements. These gates can be fitted to our own fencing range and any existing structure on your property.

John Keane & Sons ltd. fencing and gate products are the sturdiest on the market.

We’ve worked hard to keep our customers safe and secure for almost 80 years and will continue to do so.
For estimates, information or to talk with a member of our team please use the contact details provided.

You may contact us directly via email or phone: 086 258 2600
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